Breaking Free Group’s unique solutions allow Public Health teams within Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups to apply an evidence-based population health management approach to tackling the key lifestyle issues of problem drinking and smoking.

Our solutions address CQUIN 1 and CQUIN 9 and help to reduce health inequalities, costs and the burden on health services. They do this by automating the delivery of clinically-robust interventions, providing personalised care on demand, and empowering people to cut down their drinking and quit smoking through self-management.

My Quit Route

This evidence-based digital solution facilitates smoking cessation on a population-wide scale.

The behaviour change intervention in My Quit Route is a fully personalised 12-week programme accessible 24/7 via an app on Android and iOS devices. This applies precision behavioural science: first to optimise each person’s preparation for their nominated quit date, and then to equip them to stay smoke-free in the long term.

My Quit Route goes further than conventional smoking cessation programmes by addressing the crucial cognitive aspects of smoking that if neglected can cause vulnerability to relapse, and by adopting a whole-person approach that maximises emotional and physical wellbeing after quitting.


The My Quit Route app complies with National Centre for Smoking Cessation Training (NCSCT) guidance. It can be used as a stand-alone intervention or as continuous, on demand behavioural support in combination therapy with NRT, medication or e-cigarettes.

Commissioners of My Quit Route receive real-time data analytics, including the key metric of successful quit attempts, via an online dashboard.

Lower My Drinking

This comprehensive digital solution reduces alcohol-related harm on a population-wide scale through prevention and early intervention.

It allows people to self-assess their current drinking in multiple languages at their own convenience and receive instant feedback on the potential health risks this presents. It then seamlessly delivers the precise level of intervention each individual needs to reduce their alcohol use to safer levels, which for most will be through self-management:

  • Positive reinforcement (lower risk)

  • Brief intervention and advice (increasing risk)

  • Extended brief intervention (higher risk)

  • Signposting to local specialist alcohol services (possibly dependent)

The extended brief intervention in Lower My Drinking is a fully personalised 4-week programme accessible 24/7 via an app on Android and iOS devices. This allows people to track their drinking and use evidence-based behaviour change techniques to address the underlying issues that are motivating them to drink too much.


Lower My Drinking enables Public Health teams and CCGs to drive efficiencies, provide 24/7 access to clinically-robust intervention pathways, and target hard-to-reach populations by overcoming key barriers to treatment such as stigma, language and lack of access to effective support.

Commissioners of Lower My Drinking receive an online dashboard that provides real-time data analytics and valuable insights into patterns of alcohol use across their locality, so enabling resources to be targeted more effectively.