Breaking Free Online offers our service users a unique opportunity to self-manage, support and sustain their recovery from dependency and addiction at their own pace and in their own choice of environment. It is now an essential component of our throughcare, aftercare and recovery support services."

Conrad Eydmann

Head of Substance Misuse Strategy and Development
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

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Specialist substance misuse services

Breaking Free Online is a clinically-robust computerised treatment and recovery programme for substance misuse. It is enhanced by Staying Free, a powerful relapse prevention toolkit in an Android and iOS smartphone app. It has been commissioned by over 60 Local Authorities and implemented across the spectrum of alcohol and drug services by several leading national service providers.

  • Makes a wide range of evidence-based psychosocial interventions accessible via the internet 24 hours a day

  • Directly targets 36 substances – including legal highs, substitute medications and prescribed medications of abuse

  • Can be delivered as computer-assisted therapy by keyworkers and peer mentors or used independently by service users

  • Approved by Public Health England as a structured psychosocial intervention for the purposes of NDTMS

  • Supported by training and an online outcomes dashboard that tracks usage and impact in real time

  • Can be augmented by Pillars of Recovery, a group and keyworking programme for substance use and mental health difficulties