Breaking Free Online is a massive innovation which could impact positively on the levels of binge and problematic alcohol consumption in the general population. It offers confidential access to an effective programme of help 24/7 and for as long as the individual wants."

Sue Neely

Public Health Directorate, Liverpool City Council

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Primary and acute care

Breaking Free Online is a clinically-robust online treatment programme for problem drinking. It offers Clinical Commissioning Groups, GPs and Hospital Alcohol Liaison Services a highly cost-effective way to reduce and prevent alcohol-related harm across a wide patient population.  

  • Ideal option for patients who are not willing to access specialist alcohol services or support groups

  • Offers patients 24/7 online access to treatment for their hazardous, harmful or dependent drinking

  • Allows patients to set a goal of reduction or abstinence and track their progress against Government guidelines

  • Meets criteria for an extended brief intervention for alcohol in line with FRAMES (NICE guidance PH24)

  • Creates enduring behavioural change through evidence-based psychosocial interventions that are consistent with NICE guidance CG115

  • Supported by an online dashboard that continuously monitors patient usage and outcomes

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