Breaking Free Online is a fantastic programme. It is easy to use and transcends the stigma that is associated with accessing help in the usual ways. Its content is right up to date and fully consistent with the latest psychological knowledge on creating behavioural change."

Dr John Richmond

GP and Director, Delphi Medical Consultants

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Employee wellbeing programmes

Breaking Free Online is a powerful internet-based solution that allows companies and organisations to provide immediate and effective help to employees who are being adversely affected by their drinking.

  • Very cost-effective and easy to implement, with no operational demands on employers

  • Reduces the prevalence and impact of absenteeism and presenteeism caused by alcohol

  • Developed by a team of clinical psychologists and substance misuse experts

  • Offers employees discreet, confidential treatment for their problem drinking

  • Accessible online 24 hours a day at home or in the workplace

  • Equips employees with the knowledge, resources and coping skills they need to stop or reduce their drinking

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