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New research published in the British Medical Journal (Open)

Breaking Free Group, creators of a pioneering digital health platform targeting addictive behaviours, have published a new research paper in leading title British Medical Journal (BMJ) Open.  

The paper has been written in collaboration with Professor Colin Espie (University of Oxford), Professor Chris Williams (University of Glasgow) and colleagues at Self-Help Services (SHS), an innovative eTherapy mental health service in Greater Manchester. It reports outcomes for SHS service users who accessed one of three digital interventions: Breaking Free Online for problem drinking or drug use, Living Life to the Full for low mood and anxiety, or Sleepio for insomnia. 

The study findings demonstrated that providing eTherapies such as Breaking Free Online, Living Life to the Full and Sleepio within a mental health service can significantly improve the emotional wellbeing and social functioning of service users. This has important implications for the adoption of novel digital approaches to supporting people in Increasing Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) and other NHS mental health services.

The paper’s lead author and Research Director at Breaking Free Group, Dr Sarah Elison, commented, “It has been great to collaborate on this study with our colleagues from the digital health sector, and we are pleased to report findings suggesting that, when interventions are targeted appropriately, eTherapy can be a very effective treatment approach for mental health services.”

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