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After recently publishing a number of research articles reporting on implementation and evaluation of Breaking Free Group’s digital criminal justice interventions, Dr Sarah Elison-Davies (Director of Research) and Glyn Davies (Service Development Director) were invited to present the findings of this research at the prestigious International Corrections and Prisons Association (ICPA) conference, which was held in London in October.

The conference, entitled ‘Innovation in Rehabilitation: Building Better Futures’, brought together delegates and speakers from around the world. The Breaking Free presentation was showcased alongside the work of Dr Fiona Williams (Head of Interventions Service, HMPPS) in a session focusing on evidence-based practice and innovation.

The role of digital technologies in delivering interventions within the Criminal Justice System is a burgeoning area of work, with interest growing rapidly within the sector in the design, production, implementation and evaluation of digital approaches to offender rehabilitation.

The success of the Breaking Free Justice interventions in moving from concept phase to delivering positive results for service providers and service users provided the basis for the presentation delivered at the ICPA Conference. In addition to clinical outcomes, practical lessons learnt around implementation were explored in the session.

The presentation can be downloaded from the ICPA website:

Dr Sarah Elison-Davies, Research Director of Breaking Free Group, commented, “Presenting at such a high profile international conference was a great opportunity for us to share and disseminate our findings, and discuss our evidence-based innovations with peers from around the globe. We will be doing more of the same later this autumn when we visit Calgary to present alongside grass roots organisations and academics. We are grateful to the conference organisers for helping us to continue to raise the profile of Breaking Free within the UK criminal justice system and further afield”